How does A Faucet Work

How does A Faucet Work


According to the purpose of the faucet, there are three types of faucets that are common in our lives: faucets used in kitchen washing, faucets used in bathroom washbasins, and bathtub faucets. The structure and principle of the faucet are explained below according to their different types.

The structure and principle of the basin faucet. A simple basin faucet diagram, which is a single-piece ceramic valve core surface, consisting mainly of handles, spools, inlet braided tubes and mounting gadgets. The working principle of the ceramic valve core: In general, the bottom of the ceramic valve core consists of three holes, one of which is used for entering and leaving cold water, the other is for entering and leaving hot water, and the other one is used for water supply inside the spool.

The faucet valve core has cold and hot two holes with sealing ring to ensure that it is sealed with the main inclined street. After connecting the main body of the cold and hot water pipe, ensure that the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe are in one-to-one correspondence with the two holes of the valve core. The spool mainly controls the opening and closing of the two holes, and works by moving the two ceramic pieces on the lower side.

We use the leftmost hole as the hot water outlet hole, the right hole is the cold outlet hole, and the handle switch drives the valve stem to move, so that the ceramic piece moves, and the left and right holes are sealed, and then the valve core is left without water. The step seal of the spool allows the water flow to pass through the spool to enter the main body outlet passage so that no water enters the spool and no water flows out of the conduit. This is the closed state of the water pipe, the structure of the faucet and the working principle.

The next step is to explain the structure and working principle of the faucet. When we twist the faucet into the water state, the ceramic piece is moved to make the left hole completely open and the right hole completely closed. This way cold water can’t enter the valve core, hot water enters the valve core, and a small space inside the six-way spool. After flowing through the hole below, this is how hot water enters and exits. Open the handle to the right is cold water, the middle hot and cold water pipe channel is open at the same time, the outflow is warm water.

The structure and principle of the vegetable faucet: The faucet of the vegetable basin is mainly composed of a spiral valve core, which mainly relies on the rotation of the valve stem, and is displaced by the thread to achieve the effect of opening and closing the water inlet hole. When we rotate the valve stem, the thread engages, causing the sealed end of the spool to advance and retreat. When we twist the valve plug, the water inlet is sealed, and the position of the water outlet is sealed. The sealing of the water outlet is sealed by the sealing end of the valve core to realize the alternating of cold and hot water.

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