LISKING is a professional manufacturer and exporter of Plumbing products,

our expertise range include Valves, Sanitary Ware,Fittings, Pipe Clamps and Abrasive Wheelwe.

Also we provide design and production service upon your special reques.

With years of experience exporting to over 30 countries in Europe and Latin America, LISKING’s product are manufactured according to the standards,

requires the highest level of quality control throughout the design and production process, offered competitive pricing, customized product assortments.

Through the constant innovation implemented in our manufacturing processes, quality systems and technology as well as the professionalism and

commitment of our human resources, LISKING have grown to be known as a world class company.

Our prodcts are characterized for their high quality and long-term using, and enjoy a high repuation in the European market,

such as Germany,Italy and Poland