Mini ball valve

LSK-VL132 Mini ball valve (Válvula MINI)-222
LSK-VL132 Mini ball valve (Válvula MINI)-223
LSK-VL132 Mini ball valve (Válvula MINI)-224
LSK-VL132 Mini ball valve (Válvula MINI)-219

LSK-VL132 Mini ball valve (Válvula MINI)

Product Description

◆  Specifications    

●  male-female    

●  with gland and packing nut    

●  handle: red or blue or black    

●  body material: CW617N brass    

●  ball finish: chrome plated, polished    

●  ball sealing: PTFE    

●  double stem sealing    

Product Details

◆  Operating parameters and scope of application    

●  nominal pressure: 10 bar (PN20)    

●  max. working temperature: 110°C    

●  min. working temperature: -10°C    

●  working media: water (water supply systems and central heating)    

◆  Advantages    

●  warranty: 5 years    

●  the gland on the stem allows compensation of possible clearance by means of a simple wrench    

●  solid metal handle    

●  thick walls and solid workmanship - increased durability and strength    

●  chrome plated and polished ball resistant to blocking    

●  connection threads with a large number of thread turns provides a secure and tight connection    

●  stable and safe seating of the stem due to assembly from the inside of the valve    

●  quality control carried out strictly according to applicable European standards    

●  100% of the valves produced are tested for leakage    

●  valves are sandblasted and then nickel plated on the outer surfaces     

●  NICKEL FREE - The surface of the valve in contact with water is not nickle-plated    

SizeDNAd [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]Kvs [m3/h]Individ. PackCollect. Pack

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